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Please send corrections, suggestions, requests to add shows, whatever to

There are currently just over 100 tapes in the queue. There are pages that list shows and the date they were added to the site sorted by show date and sorted by date added.

Shows on the site are digitized from audio or video cassette or transferred from DAT and encoded from stereo PCM files to 22.05K mono MP3 in order to reduce their size. I can make shows available in other formats. There's a separate web page with the details of how the shows are prepared for the web site.

Update 8/25/2021: Am now only putting up stereo versions. Sixteen years ago I thought it made sense to economize on the download sizes. I don't think it's much of an issue nowadays. If you want downloads that are a quarter of the current size, albeit even lower fidelity, let me know.

Rockin' Country Style has been a great place to check artists and titles for a lot of songs. Today Discogs is the first place I look.

If you have recordings of missing shows, missing parts of shows or copies of better quality than what's on the site, I'd like to borrow them. Please send an email to the address at the bottom of the page. I'll take care of postage both ways.



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